Quality Supply Chain is a specialized Chinese mainland Procurement, Logistics, Sourcing and Supply chain Management Company with years of global experience. We are headquartered in Weifang, China.

Through longstanding manufacturers alliances and networks, and with our core expertise in the construction industries and consumer goods, we can source and supply everything from prefabricated building solutions through to marine equipment.

Ever since our inception we have worked in more than 30 countries, supplying over 1,500 units pre-engineered buildings, ton’s of paper product, countless construction materials, and sent engineers and staff to over 10 countries.


Repeat business makes up 80% of our day-to-day work. We pride ourselves on this statistic as it demonstrates our credibility.

Some of the reasons clients return to us time and again for support are ‘we keep the clients costs low’, ‘we ease the process’ and ‘projects are delivered on time and to specification’.

Quality Supply Chain adds customer service, support and communications to the goods that we source and supply, Customers Source and work 0directly with a local Chinese producer can be daunting. Quality Supply Chain provides on the ground support, easing our clients through any difficulties that they could have encountered, everything from language barriers, cultural sensitivities through to background checks and legalities and making the process as pain-free as possible.

With Our Procurement & Supply Expertise Provide Any Product You Need